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Designing this exceptional climbing harness involved a lot of experience chipped in by multiple World Champion Bernd Strasser. The next level of development of the outstanding tree climbing harness is the treeMotion Evo. The harness is perfectly adjusting to every move the climber makes. A favourite among arborists the TreeMotion’s leg loops can move freely for added comfort. A special support system distributes the load more evenly on waist and legs, a specially tailored back pad prevents the harness from sliding up. The TreeMotion is tested for 150 kg, features a green PPE certified material ring in the back.

As standard, the Evo is equipped with two double knotted rope bridges. Further exchangeable bridges (single webbing bridge and double stitched rope bridges) are also available. Material loops can be placed individually, PPE and material rings are specifically colour coded. On both ends of the rope bridge safety seems are added. The TreeMotion also provides an attachment point for first-aid kit, an adjustable lower back support, quick-release buckles at waist and legs as well as positioning possibilities on side and front rings. It can be combined with the TreeMotion Shoulder Harness.

For the conversion of the bridge to the webbing bridge or the stitched rope bridges, the two additionally available grey taps are necessary.

• Waist circumference: 76–91 cm
• Leg circumference: 52–66 cm