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  • Designed as a canopy anchor device for remote or manual installation in the canopy of a tree to provide an approved anchor.
  • Removes knots from the climber’s system and uses the full strength of a manufactured eye. Color coated in BuckViz™ Safety Green to reduce chance of miss-configuration and can be easily verified from the ground.
  • It engineers out hazard exposure by reducing components and complexity to a climber’s system, also adding better rescue readiness and reducing the potentials for failure.
  • Fast use on spar pole work as a choking false crotch, and it can retrieve very easily meaning no “spiking down”.
  • Acts as a floating anchor, meaning performs the same way a base tie would when retrieving after climber redirects.
  • Versatile, because if the tie-in is difficult to isolate the climber advances the system by simply unclipping and re-clipping their carabiner.
  • Can aid in rescue by preinstalling a second climbing line on the retrieval side; only if the victim is weighted in the working end, then a rescuer would be able to simply use the preinstalled line to access the tree.
  • Easy to understand concept, identifiable components, and very trainable to new climbers regarding use and how to rescue climbers using it.
  • The short 7.75” length increases your anchor stability by reducing slippage and increasing the cinching performance.
  • The large diameter aluminum Buck rings give the BuckSLAP™ a more preferred bend radius on your climbing line.